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Hobby Next is a program from Asmodee designed for participating hobby stores that gives consumers like you access to exclusive rewards! Community challenges are organized regularly by your local Hobby Next store to unlock pre-releases and collectible goodies such as game accessories or exclusive artwork!

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What’s hot right now?

  • 22024_Social Media_SW Pandemic_Final_Instagram Post_EN (1)
  • 22024_Social Media_SW Pandemic_Final_Instagram Post_EN (1)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

“Are you ready to play as legendary Jedi and battle iconic Villains? Team up to face entire legions of battle droids and their vile leaders across four exciting scenarios in the brand-new Star Wars™: The Clone Wars – A Pandemic System Game. Pre-order now and receive a 36-pack of Premium Battle Droids*.

  • 1 pack of 36 Premium Battle Droids

*While supplies last

3000 Scoundrels

Dive into an alternate history Wild West with the brand-new game 3000 Scoundrels: a fistful of cards, thousands of possibilities! Embody a rival leader by assembling your posse of outlaws to gain the most valuable loot. Use clear cards to create 3000 unique characters within this light & engaging engine building game. Hatch a plan and bluff your way to victory! Head to our store to get your hands on this new playful nugget. To satisfy your thirst for gold, a loot is also available in exclusivity: premium henchmen tokens*!

  • 1 set of 12 exclusive premium henchmen tokens.

*While supplies last. Promotion available only at Hobby Next Stores.

  • MHA_Set3_FB Timeline 1080 x 1080
  • MHA_Set3_FB Timeline 1080 x 1080

My Hero Academia CCG – Heroes Clash

In the My Hero Academia CCG, you’ll build powerful decks around the students of Class 1-A and the heroes and villains that surround them, battling rivals with an all new collection of cards developed around the characters and quirks of the fan-favorite series.

*While supplies last. Promotion available only at Hobby Next Stores, taking part in a challenge not required.

Got Questions?

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  • What are the next promotions on Hobby Next?

    We cannot provide a schedule in advance, but we plan on plenty of promotions with the Hobby Next Stores until the end of 2021 and for 2022!

  • What kind of goodies can we get?

    It depends on the games. It can be an exclusive miniature, extra content with exclusive cards that can extend the gameplay or additionnal cards without rules modifications. It can be also accessories linked to the board games.

  • On which kind of games can we get goodies?

    The goodies can be related to new board game releases or on Asmodee’s most popular titles.

  • What are the conditions to get these goodies?

    Purchase a game at a participing Hobby Next Store with goodies in stock.

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